Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inspiration Comes Close To Home

I love reading blogs, websites and magazines for inspiration.  I enjoy reading other people's stories on their creative process and looking at their beautiful works of art and all the details and different supplies they used.  I also find it inspiring to hear how others have over come obstacles in their lives and have used that experience to go on to do things they never dreamed of.  Those stories and individuals touch my heart and I always end up feeling so happy and so proud of them for having such inner strength.

I happen to know someone who has such a story that brings me inspiration.  That person is my daughter, Beth.

I will briefly give details of the back story.  In middle school Beth excelled in math and science and saw herself going to college for engineering.  She missed a large amount of school her last year due to an extended illness that was never diagnosed and had a hard time keeping on track with her studies. On to high school.  At this point she was struggling with the math and science but was excelling in her back up favorites, history and English.  She became sick again in the spring of her junior year and ended up in and out of the hospital numerous times.  She had two major surgeries and developed a virus that affected her immune system.  She did not return to school that year.  She started school her senior year but did end up missing some of that year also.  Needless to say, her grades were not where she wanted them, she was unable to take as many SAT or ACT tests as she would have liked, and the list goes on.  She applied to numerous colleges and did have some to chose from.  She did not get in to her top choice, but with the help of a very understanding admissions advisor who called and spoke to me often, she got accepted into Oregon and was happy with that.  She must have known someone who had a similar situation, maybe herself?, but she got Beth off the wait list and accepted.  Funny thing, we were supposed to meet her when we went to orientation, but she had left to go to grad school. She never mentioned that.  That still makes me wonder....guardian angel?

During the summer Beth volunteered for someone who was running for congress in our district.  She really enjoyed it.  She hated to leave when it was time to go back to school and was happy when he won the seat.

Beth was happy at Oregon but knew that the University of Washington in Seattle had a better political science, philosophy and history department. Knowing that it isn't an easy school to get into she gave it her all and waited.  It was a great day when she heard that she had been accepted!  They also have a great pre-law program which is something she is very interested in.

She has almost completed her junior year.  The past two summers she has come home and worked.
Not this year. See, this girl had a plan.  When she was interning last summer she really hoped the person she was working for would win.  Why?  So she could possibly go to Washington DC and intern for him there.  She made good friends in the office where they were working and they remember her and how hard she worked.  Guess what, she got a call and she is going to Washington DC to intern for the summer!  Now that is what I call inspiring! Every time I think about it I get chills! I could not be any prouder of this kid! Talk about wanting something and planning and making it work so you get it!  I am so impressed! (Don't get me wrong, she's a normal, drive me crazy, yes we fight, clean up your room, don't use that tone on me, normal, young adult.  But when they do something like this you kinda gotta let yourself go crazy for a while, so thanks for bearing with me!).

So, yes, I am basking in the inspiration my daughter has brought into my life.  I am excited for the adventure that lies ahead of her.  She will be doing administrative/office duties, attending briefings and meetings and giving tours of the Capital. She is going to get a job working around her rotations - Ford Theatre would be her first choice. What an experience!  I am so happy and so proud of  her!  I am hoping we can go visit while she is there and see all there!

Thank you, Beth, for all the inspiration you bring to my life!




  1. Mom, this means the absolute world to me. I would not be where or who I am without you. Everything I have and will ever do can be attributed to you.

    Mark Twain once said, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." You have taught me so much about how to live my life, and what it really means to care about something or someone. Everyday you show me what true compassion is, and the power of love.

    No matter where I go or what I do, just remember that it is because of you. You are my inspiration and my reason for being. Without your strength and determination, I would not exist- I suppose I must get my determination from you!

    Thank you for being my amazing Mom! I love you so much! -Beth

  2. Oh My Gosh! What a fabulous and inspirational story! You should be so happy and proud of what Beth has accomplished as it shows such passion, determination, and pure hard work! Sharon and Beth, congratulations!