Friday, April 5, 2013

Words to Live By

Everyone has a favorite quote or two that they like to keep tucked away and pull out when they need some inspiration.  You may even have a mantra that you refer to on a daily basis.  Maybe its a Bible verse, a song lyric, or just something funny you heard once, but these phrases that we make our own often provide comfort.  The one I turn to the most is "everything happens for a reason" because even when things turn sour, I know that I am either meant to learn a lesson, or this event is setting me up for something better at a later time.  

I wanted to turn my favorite words of wisdom into art so that I could surround myself with them at home and at work.  So, as so many people are doing these days, I have started collaging, and it is so much fun!  
Whatever you are, be a good one. - Abraham Lincoln
Collaged onto a metal tray from the dollar store.

The key to a successful collage is texture, texture, texture.  Here is an example of how I squeeze as much texture as possible into a small space!  I just keep stacking ribbons, paper, and glitter until I run out of pieces that I want to add... It is a great place to use those end remnants of ribbon that are too small to bow!  

I also consider mixing and matching lettering as adding different textures.  In this tray, for example, I use three different lettering formats: stickers, a label maker, and my own handwriting in pen. 

You are you.  Now, isn't that pleasant? - Dr. Seuss
Collaged onto an oval artist's canvas.
Do not disturb - Ok, not a quote, but a fun collage to hang on my bedroom door!
Collaged onto a chipboard shape.

Therapeutic to create, therapeutic to enjoy as decor.  And bonus - it allows you to use up those scraps of paper and ribbon that you love too much to trash!  Here's to hoping I will get to finish a few more this weekend...

xo Allison

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