Friday, April 19, 2013

The Snuggie Experiment: Part II

What could be better than a big, cuddly snuggie?  Two big cuddly snuggies?

Try, two big cuddly snuggies that zip together to make a convertible two-person snuggie!

It is so over-the-top cheesy that it actually works!

All it takes is two individual snuggies, and one sleeping bag 100" zipper.  Sew one side of the zipper to each of the snuggies.  This way, you can have a two-person snuggie to cuddle with on the couch, or un-zip it to have two individual snuggies if you choose to sit on different sides of the room.

I cannot wait to spend the summer with the doors and windows open at night, letting the cool breeze blow in as I am snuggly in my snuggie!

xo Allison

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