Monday, April 8, 2013

10 things I like about going to grandmas

1. Daffodils grow wild on the side of the road in the spring 

2.  listening to the whistle of the midnight train 

3. Barns... Every good farm has one, red ones are my favorite 

4. Two lane long open highways

5. Sunday dinners. Dinner is at lunch time and supper is at dinner time back here.

6. Hunting for antiques. I've been very successful thus far

7. Cows. They're everywhere!!

8. Watching the price is right, and bidding on the showcase showdown.

9. Looking at old family photos and hearing all the stories behind them.

10. Eating homemade rolls, and homemade pies, and homemade everything :)

Unfortunately I have taken so many amazing photos back here, but the grandparents don't have cable, let alone the Internet. So I can't upload any of them for this week. I'll be heading home on Wednesday  so I'll have to put them up next week. Hope everyone is doing well!!


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