Thursday, July 4, 2013

I Love Using My Bathroom!

I know it sounds weird, but I now love using my bathroom!!

When we first moved into our house this past January, I hated using the restrooms. I would compare it to a port-a-potty or a public bathroom, I just loathed being in there. The walls were an unflattering shade of blue, the cabinets were OK but nothing fancy, the guest bath had sliding doors on the tub, and don't even get me started on the wall paper in the master bath... BLEH! It was not very welcoming and needed a huge improvement! 

So here is what we all have been waiting for. (Unfortunately I didn't take a lot of before pictures of the bathrooms... but I'm sure you won't mind!)

Before: (I took off the glass door and removed the shelf above the toilet before we moved in. It just had to G.O.)

To revamp the Guest bath I... 
  • Removed tub doors and shelf.
  • Painted the walls and ceiling. - Valspar, Red Dakota Sandstone (25% lightened)
  • Stained the cabinet. - General Finishes Gel Stain in Java
  • Spray Painted the fixtures from silver to oil rubbed bronze. - Krylon, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Added Knobs. -Thank you Hobby Lobby for having an amazing selection.
  • Shopped. -Target, Home Goods & Hobby Lobby
  • Staged and added a flower.

I didn't plan on having a theme to my bathroom... the Paris stuff was a little bit last minute, that may change in the future. But Overall, the bathroom feels somewhat romantic and I love love love it!


To revamp my master bathroom I....
  • Removed the wall paper.
  • Painted the walls and ceiling. - Valspar, Sparkling Sage
  • Gel Stained the Cabinets. - General Finishes Gel Stain Java
  • Added knobs. - Again, Hobby Lobby, because they are amazing!
  • Spray painted the toilet paper holder. - Krylon, Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Changed out the lighting fixtures. 
  • Updated the Switch plates. 
  • Built and Installed Rope Shelving. - I plan on doing a future, more informative, blog post about this learning experience.
  •  Went shopping!! -Mostly Hobby Lobby and Home Goods.
  • Installed hooks. -(That seahorse is actually a hook)
  • Staged and added a plant.
After: (I was shooting for a light beachy feeling, because the hubs and I miss CA so sooooo much.)


 So there it is! I have grown so much from this experience. I have learned to use many tools and I know my way around the hardware store. I have learned how to do novice electrical work and how to find a stud in the wall. I learned that I can do many things I wasn't aware that I could do because I gave it my all. I have challenged myself to complete these bathrooms in less than 3 weeks and I did it! I have given myself many pats on the back because I made my bathroom a comfortable place that I love to be. I am so motivated to keep going, keep DIYing, keep learning, and keeping improving the place around into a space that I and others can enjoy.

 (P.S. In the next few weeks will feature some of the DIY projects that I have completed during this experience... including my favorite project, the rope shelves!)


  1. It all looks AMAZING!!! I can't believe how much you did!! Such a difference!!

  2. LOVE that rope shelf! Yes, please post a tutorial : ) Great job!! Both look fabulously different and very inviting!!

  3. Fabulous idea with the rope shelving for the small spots in the bathroom! I am definitely going for the same concept of "beachy/ocean" look without saying it! Love it!