Monday, April 15, 2013

Turn Something Old into Something New #2

Growing up I was always under the impression that buying things at the thrift store and the Salvation Army was for poor people. Well, now that I am a poor struggling college student, I shop there too!! Lol! Just kidding. But in all seriousness, I feel like shopping at those place have a bad connotation, and I’m here to break that. Shopping at the Good Will, and similar stores not only saves you a TON of money, but it can also be like a treasure hunt. You have to sift through the bad to find that diamond in the ruff, but once you do, it makes your whole experience worth it.

Living here in Southern California, most of the antique stores tend to be “Antique Boutiques” and can be very pricey. But places like good will, and Salvation Army are just the opposite. My latest find was this little Beauty. It’s a paper towel holder and spice rack all in one. The thing to remember when on the hunt is to keep an open mind and an open imagination. You see a crusty old spice rack with years of build up from being hung on the wall of someone’s kitchen. I see a new way to organize my glitter and twine.

I took my find up the register and purchased it for only $3.00!! That’s unheard of! Where could I find a quality piece of maple for that cheap these days? Then I took it home and put in a little elbow grease. I scrubbed the whole thing with Fantastic and a scrub brush. I got all the years of grime and build up off in very little time. Then I took some furniture polished and wiped it down until it shined just like new again. The spice shelves on it held all my bottles of glitter perfectly. It’s my dream to eventually convert all my glitter into vintage salt and pepper shakers. And I think this spice rack is the perfect way to display them.

Then I took my twine and began winding it around the paper towel dowel. Since it’s made to spin, whenever I want twine, ill just unroll the amount I need. It will NEVER tangle and always be there right when I need it. Obviously I haven’t finished winding all my twine I own, but you get the picture. Everything is where I can see it, and if I don’t say so myself, it looks pretty darn cute once it's cleaned up and displaying all my crafty treasures!

I hope you feel inspired!

Wishing all the best week ever; take good care and ill see you next Monday!



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