Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Garden Update :)

Ok, so, CONFESSION!!!!! I had made a big time fail, so I have been reluctant to share the garden that me and the boys did with everyone. I felt so embarrassed to post the disaster I did, BUT, I stepped back and took another look and decided, 'hey I didn't kill them all, only some' and, we do have some growing plants and there are MORE seeds. So, this morning I went out and took pics and decided to share our garden growth so far.

Some of the pots I just planted new seeds in and some are starters. (Ones that I had planned on buying that way from the beginning)
 You remember, this is what we first started with. The boys planting in this little "greenhouse"

 These are cucumbers
 These are sunflowers that Ryry and I planted about a week ago.
 Not sure what this guy is, buy I am thinking it is lettuce. It just sprouted up one day with the watermelon that I replanted in a disposable pot.
 This is watermelon. I just love how they sprout and open up!
These are some of the little seedlings that I replanted (way to early-which is part of my epic fail) in the disposable pots
 Yellow pot are newly planted seeds. Red pot is Zucchini. (which I almost killed, [SORRY GENA], by not transplanting it soon enough) Green pot is Banana Peppers and Basil.
 This is what our little greenhouse looks like now after I reeked havoc on it!
Another sunflower with water droplets. I just loved the way that this looked with the drops resting on it.

Well, I am just glad to say it wasn't a total loss and, most importantly, we still have stuff growing. I still have so much to learn about container gardening, and it is now where near as easy as gardening in ground like I am used to. But, I am determined to make it work!

See you all back here next Wednesday

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  1. lol!!! Glad the zucchini lived!! Yes, the mystery one is lettuce. Your cukes are doing great!! I know you have minimal space. did you know that you get can a tomato cage and grow your cucumbers "up" instead of "out"? And I would just wait a while on replanting those onions.

    And that's great that you put the peppers with the basil - they are good "companion plants".

    There are hundreds of sites for companion planting, but here is Wikipedia's:

    You always want to check before planting items with others; or even "near". So, since you are limited in space, there are certain things that you would want to put at the opposite ends of the patio.

    (I've been doing a LOT of reading *Ü* )