Friday, April 12, 2013

The Snuggie Experiment: Part I

Yes, I know people love to make fun of Snuggies.  But, let's face it, they are genius!  Your arms can stay under the blanket while you are using your remote AND stuffing your face with Girl Scout cookies that you have had tucked away in the freezer for six weeks?  Lazy people, rejoice!

The best part is that the project to create your very own Snuggie is supper easy, and quick!  In under one hour, I had a completed Snuggie, made with love and a fabric I got to choose myself.

The supplies are basic, too.  Just 2 2/3 - 3 yards of fabric, and scissors.  If you choose to use fleece like I did, you can even get away without using a sewing machine if you don't have one, since fleece doesn't fray, therefore it doesn't need any hemming.

Here is the diagram of how the fabric should be cut, after the selvage has been trimmed off.  If you are about 5'8" or less, I would recommend 2 and 2/3 yard if you don't want too much extra at the end.  It might be cuddly to pool around your feet on the couch, but it is also a hassle to drag around if you stand up to walk to the fridge or something.  I used a full 3 yard piece, and I am considering hacking off the bottom.

The two squares from the bottom fold in half, with one seam along the edge.  These make up the sleeves.  Unless you happen to cut perfect squares, fold the rectangle "hamburger style" not "hot dog style" to sew the edge.

I folded my main blanket piece in half when it was time to cut the arm holes.  I made a paper template of the 6x9 inch oval, and pinned it so that I cut both holes at the same time.

The trickiest part of the process was pinning the sleeves to the arm holes with right-sides together, and that wasn't too bad at all.  A few cuts, 4 seams, and you are done!

But Allison, why is this "The Snuggie Experiment: Part I"?  What about Part II, you ask?  Part II is coming next Friday, and here is a clue: I bought not one, but two fabrics...

xo Allison

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