Friday, April 26, 2013

Bringing that EVOO in to the kitchen

When I lived in San Diego, I had the boldest shade of yellow on my kitchen walls.  It was appropriately named Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and it was yellow with just enough green in it to make it unusual while still being a versatile shade of yellow overall.  It looks good with brown, tan, black, grey, and almost every color of the rainbow.  I was obsessed.

When I found out that I had to move for work, meaning I had to paint over my happy yellow walls, I was very sad about it.  So, I drove up to my new city with the can of EVOO in my backseat, waiting to find its next application and adventure.

Six months later, I got tired of driving around that old can of paint - yes, I said six months.  The weird thing is that I cleaned trash and everything else out of my car, I just never removed the paint can! - and so it was finally time to put it to use and bring some cheer to my new home!

Enter old hand-me-down furniture.  Which, I love by the way.  I got this fabulous, sturdy oak dining set for free from a family friend.  The only problem with it was the way it was painted.  This Before image is actually the already-stripped down furniture.  I will not frighten you with the details of the paint stripping process because if I learned anything from that step, it was to NEVER DO IT AGAIN!  It was days of hard work and this is the best I could get - even now under the yellow paint, there is visible texture in some areas where the old paint wouldn't sand off.

Anyway, after one layer of primer, two light layers of paint, and about 15 hours of work, the dining set is complete, and I have a bit of my old home in my new home!  I say 15 hours of work, but because I had help, the job was completed over about only 8 hours.  Chairs on Saturday, table on Sunday, and it was a fun excuse to enjoy the outdoors when I really had more pressing chores to do indoors ;)

xo Allison

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