Thursday, March 28, 2013

55 Sunsets

In case you didn't know already, I am obsessed with sunsets. Something about them is so refreshing, relaxing and calming. They are just quiet and beautiful. Each one is unique and sometimes the cast a beautiful gold or rose colored glow on everything within its light just so pretty. Sunset is definitely my favorite time of day. I could just sit and watch the sun slowly sink down into the horizon and sometimes I do. I even went on a search for a place where I can sit and watch the sunset with an unobstructed view... just happens to be on a secluded dirt road around the corner from my house next to a bunch of cows. I better never be driving during sunset otherwise I will be staring at it either in front of me, the side or me, or worse, the rear view or side mirrors. Unfortunately,  sunsets don't last forever. I always try to capture the beauty in a picture so I can look at it at them at all times of the day. From California to Texas, the sunsets are just as spectacular wherever you go. Over a grassy field or ocean, it doesn't matter, anything is beautiful with a sunset. I want to share with you some of my collection of sunset pictures. Some are strange, some are bad quality, some are picture perfect, some a vibrant, some are pictures of the direct sun, some are sideways, some have filters on them but most do not, some were taken while driving and some were carefully thought out... but all of them are beautiful to me. Also, I want to add that all of these pictures were taken with my handy-dandy Iphone.

Now just enjoy looking at these 55 sunsets.

one of my favorites, but its just some weed in my parents back yard.
this is a spinning firework... i love it with the sunset in the back.

one of my first sunset pictures ever... Oceanside Pier 2009

Are you relaxed now?