Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Viewing A Creative Masterpiece

When Les Miserables came out in the theater, I wanted to see it so badly, I went to see it during the day while the kids were in school.

I had never seen the play, but I had heard how wonderful a story it was.  I was so anxious to see it and watching it I completely got lost in the story and the amazing sets and scenery, not to mention the beautiful, heartfelt music and words. I enjoyed all the actors and thought their singing was amazing. (yes, even Russell Crowe.)

When it was released on DVD I made sure to purchase it, as I was excited to watch it with my kids and hear what they thought and felt.  I think it is important to expose your kids to art and creative venues outside what they would choose to view for themselves.  We have watched musicals before, but none similar to the story and events that take place in Les Miserables.

Both my son and daughter really enjoyed the movie.  My son really liked it and was glued to the movie the entire time it was on.  I was so happy he appreciated the film and we talked about it for quite a while after it was done.  Having the opportunity to share this with him meant alot to me and I feel he came away from it appreciating the film on many levels.

My daughter was home from school sick yesterday and she asked if we could watch it together.  She, too, enjoyed it very much.  We had a much different conversation afterwards regarding the story and the characters involved.  She fell in love with the music and downloaded my CD as soon as the movie was done.
It was clear the movie had an impact on her as she kept coming up with questions and expressing her thoughts on events that took place.  She thanked me for letting us watch it together, and I told her the pleasure was all mine.

After my son came home from school I was surprised to hear them talking about the movie and sharing their thoughts and how they felt during different scenes in the film.  It made me feel so good that they, too, liked the movie and appreciated the talent of the actors who played the parts and sang the story.  I am even more glad that we were able to share this amazing movie together and be able to talk about it and gain different view points from each other.

I do believe that in order to be creative you need to be able to appreciate creativity in many different forms.  They might not be your favorite, but opening yourself up to what it took to make it, what the person was thinking, and just admiring the effort and talent that it took to create helps to make us well-rounded and more aware of the beauty that surrounds us each and every day.

The next time you are needing a break from creating, sit back and enjoy the creativity of others.  Think about it afterwards, talk about it with others, take time to really appreciate all the effort and talent that was involved.  It will touch your soul, open your heart, and make you happy that we live in a time where we are free to express our creative selves in so many ways.

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  1. Sharon, I really enjoyed reading your reflections on watching Les Miserables with your kids. We took our daughter and her future husband to this theatrical performance in Milwaukee when we lived there prior to moving to SD. They both still talk about seeing it!

    I am so glad to see your name as part of this group. I remember running into you at Stamping Details just before leaving San Diego. I am still interested in buying the Beautiful alphabet QK font from you. Let me know how to reach you via email.

    I hope all is well.