Friday, February 8, 2013

All About Me: Friday

Happy Friday!  It's Allison here, excited to kick off each weekend with a little bit of homemade and heartfelt inspiration in my Friday posts.

I am a California girl to the core, growing up in San Diego and recently transplanting to the San Francisco Bay Area for a job in the tech industry.  As an artist at heart with a degree in photography, I find myself getting antsy sitting in front of a computer all day, so crafting and creating has become even more important to me in the past couple of years as I turn to it as an outlet from work and other stresses.  I find the process of creating so meditative that I often do not even finish my projects (oops!).  Please, just don't peek inside of my hall closet... or under the bed... or behind my couch... or in that second dresser drawer... I will get back to them eventually!

Inspiration hits me at times when I am feeling the most passionate about life.  Here is the list of things I am most passionate about at this point in my life:

1.  Food.  It is more than just surviving, as it is also trying new flavors, experiencing the atmosphere at a new restaurant, or sharing a meal with good friends and having so much fun that you wish it could last all day and all night.  Food is a lifestyle in itself.

2.  Martha Stewart Living.  Another lifestyle, as the magazine sets the pace for everything that is beauty, simplicity, and elegance.  Martha Stewart is my idol, and I truly admire her for what she has created. 

3.  Any color of glitter.  I dare you to come across a jar of fabulous green glitter and NOT be tempted to completely cover everything you own in it, including but not limited to bookends, lamps, or even your toilet (seriously, think about it... sparkly green toilet... YES!).

4.  New York City.  I have been around a little, and I think this is the greatest city in the world.  It is a mecca of everything glamorous, from food to fashion and everything in between.  But most of all I love it because you can have anything delivered at any time, all the way up to your apartment door!  Sushi?  Ok!  Dry cleaning?  Done!  Hardware supplies?  Yup!  Rice pudding?  Why not!

5.  My new boyfriend.  Maybe it is because he is still in the phase that he is trying to impress me, but he is so supportive that he makes me feel like I could literally do anything in the world.  Sometimes a girl just needs to feel empowered!

Speaking of feeling empowered, my bonus passion number six is this group of ladies!  These women have been with me through thick and thin over the past few years, and their beauty and talent inspire me to push myself further in anything I do.  I love you girls!  Here is to a new adventure, bringing us together from miles apart.  Let the games begin!

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