Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sew Fancy

  Time spent with my Grandma the past couple weeks has been so sew wonderful! I have learned so sew much from her being here and teaching me everything she knows about quilting, plus we got some good quality shopping time in too! I wanted to send her off with a little token of my gratitude, so sew I decided to create this fancy pin cushion. My favorite types of crafts are functional projects and this one takes the cake. This is one pin cushion that you don't have to pack away when you are done with it and it makes a great gift! You will be shocked with how simple this project is!
(and this is another UNDER 10 gift, like this one! Under $10 and 10 minutes!)

What you will need:
  • A small fancy frame (3"-5") - I scored these at TJ Maxx, $4 each.
  • Fabric (depending on the size of the frame and quantity of frames) - I chose a quarter yard.
  • Batting- just a handful for each.
Yep, that's all you need. This is a NO adhesive project!!!!!  
The first and hardest part was peeling the stickers off of the glass. Then I realized the glass won't show.. DUH! Don't spend your time peeling the sticker! 
Once you take off the back of the frame and the glass, take your fabric and stretch it over the opening.  If your fabric is like mine you might have a certain part that you want centered, I chose one of the butterflies. After you find your pattern, cut the material  but be sure to leave 2"-3" on the edge to allow for stuffing. With your fabric centered take a handful of your stuffing and push it through the back of the frame into your fabric. Once you have the center filled take the glass and place it back in the frame (see picture below).
 While holding the glass firmly to the back, you can flip it over to see if your fabric is centered, if the fabric needs tightened, or if it needs more stuffing. To tighten it (or to reduce any folds) tug on your edges of the fabric while holding the glass in place. 
Once you are happy with the firmness of your cushion, continue holding the glass in place while tucking the left over edges of the fabric onto the back of the glass. To keep everything in place just replace the backing over the fabric.

Warning: You may go a little 'Pin Crazy'. I just couldn't stop adding pins.


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