Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dutch, Dutch Baby!

Is it Thursday already? Sheesh, well.... hello Thursday!
Let me quickly share with you what the lovely Texas "springtime" has been like. On Tuesday it was sunny and 85 degrees. Yesterday it was 45 degrees and rained all day. I break out my shorts and put away the heavy coats and BAM!! hahaha you weren't putting those coats away were you? I think Mother Nature likes to play sick twisted little games. Wherever you are, I hope your springtime is a little more... consistent.

Okay, so I previously mentioned my infatuation with French Toast.... 
but German Pancakes ARE the next best thing!

When made with a dutch oven (cast iron skillet) it is called a dutch baby. I don't know why. it just is. Maybe because it grows to 10x It's size.  But the Dutch Baby a.k.a. German Pancake can also be created in any cake pan.

So what makes a German Pancake different than any other pancake?
  • It calls for a lot more eggs.
  • It has a kiesh-y texture.
  • you don't need to flip it.
  • its very filling. 
  • Instead of single servings, you just make one giant one.
  • you cook it in the oven, not on the stove.
  • It generally draws a crowd around the oven to watch it cook... (who crowds around regular old pancakes?)
  • It grows, it REALLY grows! 
  • you don't use regular syrup...  as a matter of fact, you might just forget your maple syrup all together after you taste this other stuff! 
Find the Recipe for German Pancakes >>>HERE!!<<<

For the topping you MUST have this special sauce.
It's much easier than making a buttermilk sauce that most German Pancake recipes call for, plus I think it tastes much much better. This sauce is Divine! 
 Just please don't use maple syrup! Blehhhh!!

1 C. Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 C. Brown Sugar.
1/2. TSP. Corn Starch.

Its easy: Mix it all together. Stirring constantly bring to a boil. Remove from heat, sauce will thicken.  (*This sauce must be eaten warm. If you put any leftover in the fridge heat it up before use.)

I have completely given up maple syrup all together. This special sauce works with pancakes, french toast, even mixed into oat meal or malt-o-meal! Once you taste it, you will understand! 

 My MIL recently gave us about 4 dozen eggs straight from the family coop....  can you guess what I am having for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner tomorrow... maybe all week?
I bet you cant.


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  1. Hey ashley this is kathryn, a friend of Codi's. Found your blog on her facebook! its so great to find people relatively close to me that blog the same as I do! I look forward to following your blog! I do a lot of the same but I post a lot about art and fashion and other stuff.

    cant wait to read more!