Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little Helpers

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to another Wednesday!!! I have been busy working on misc. little things around the house. LOTS of errands and what not all week long. I even had to go to the laundry mat twice in one week :( We only have two washers at our apt. and one is broke and the other was always in use!!!

So what do you do when you have a lot  of little things that need to get done???? I enlist the help of little ones!!!!

My kids play outside with the neighbors all the time so I disguised work as play and they were all so happy to help me. I was able to get table tops sanded and paper shredded, doesn't get much better :)

 I am getting ready to repaint the tops and I am thinking about papering the bases, but haven't decided yet.

 Don't mind their dirtiness, they had been outside playing all day long. These two are pretty close in age and are the best of friends, they act like a married couple sometimes though...eeeekkkk....they were actually discussing whose turn it is and how they will be sharing. :)
 Ryry had to get in a "I am a cool dude" pic before he could move onto "other stuff" gotta love this guy :)
We are shredding paper because we are going to start a compost for the garden!!! Getting our worm home all nice and cozy. She was really into the paper shredding lol
Well, now that the hard work has been done I can get on to the fun stuff! Thanks little ones :)

Happy Wednesday and see ya all back next week :)


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