Wednesday, February 6, 2013

All About Me: Thursday

Hey you! I’m Ashley and Thursday is my day!

 I want to start by saying how excited I am to start this new venture with four of my very best friends. These ladies are real GEMS and they are beyond inspirational. When we get together, there are always plenty of laughs and craftgasms!! - nothing dirty!  just  ‘ooohs!’ and ‘ahhhs!’ about crafting, paper, techniques and pretty things; usually followed by extreme excitement, a mutual brainstorming of ideas about future projects, and a strong urge to buy more supplies... yes! It’s real! - So needless to say, these girls are just amazing and they have each played a part in the blossoming of my creativity. (Thanks ladies! Love you!)
Now a little about me…
Ever since I was a child, I have been infatuated with colors and crafts. I once tried to steal crayons from pre-k, but didn’t even make it to the door before they started falling out of my undies – hey, it seemed like a great hiding spot at the time- but my thievery was obvious. Now that I’m grown up, I no longer have the urge to steal crayons but the craft obsession remains. 
I am twenty-two years old. In May, I will have been married for four years… Oh my!  The H and I do not have any children, or any thoughts of children at the moment, but we do have one pretty stinking cute English Bulldog that is spoiled like a child. We recently moved from San Diego to a small little Texas town… and we just purchased our first home! So you can expect to see some renovation posts in the near future.
Some of the things I love are home décor, vintage things, road trips, revamping furniture, watching sunsets (and that golden hour before), dresses, fortune cookies, peacocks, antique stores, mountains, being warm, french toast, spray paint, the beach, glitter, chirping birds, writing in cursive, houses, photography, ribbon, papercrafts, building things, cooking, thrift shopping, kittens, and - every now and then-  surrounding myself with nothing but nature and meditating.
Some of the things I want learn to do are use more tools, woodworking, sewing, upholstery, ceramics, laying tile, soldering, gardening and this list could go on forever. 
Three letters that define me are D.I. Y. I love being able to work with my hands!  I would much rather refurbish a piece of furniture from craigslist than buy something that is mass produced and made of particle board. I find such joy in creating something from nothing or making something more beautiful. I also find joy in the details. Where there is detail, there is time and love.
I am so excited about next week and all the weeks after on Mon Ami Createry when we all start sharing some of the things we enjoy and do… I foresee many craftgasms in the near future!
See you next Thursday,

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