Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vintage Summer

Now... the weather here in Texas is off and on, hot and cold, but that hasn't stopped me from thinking about summer time. With only two more weeks of school - OHHHH MYYY GOSHHHH!! (mini-panic-attack) - It feels as summer is just around the corner.
 At night, I dream of sunshine, being tan, and of beaches. (Although there is a chance that this will be the first summer in a long time that there will be no beach for me, probably more like lakes and rivers or something more... Texan.)
Summer has me thinking of all kinds of beachy vintage and crafty inspirations like vintage swimsuits, floppy hats, mermaids, shells, coral, anchors etc.

I think I'll share some of my summertime inspirations...

Swimsuits. I love looking at vintage pictures of ladies swimwear... I think it would have been so lovely to live during the 40's and 50's just for the abundance of glamorous modest style swimwear. Everyone looked classy! I would love to see more ladies and young women wearing once pieces instead of strings connected to inches of material. because unfortunately, everyone has probably seen something at the beach or a public pool that you just can't un-see, no matter how much you wish you could.... Anyway, vintage one piece suits are just amazing, flattering, classy, sexy AND making a comeback! 
07.01.10 {vintage swimwear: one-piece}
  (see more pics at this cute blog>>here<<)
07.01.10 {vintage swimwear: one-piece}
My love for these suits have lead me to splurge a bit on modern one-piece suits that have that vintage inspired look....

Both of these Suits are from Carmen Marc Valvo... I first purchased the black one in 2010 from Victoria's Secret. It has been a staple suit ever since. I've worn it to the beach, hot tub, pool party, etc  and it still looks brand new (so don't be afraid to splurge on quality!). I love the suit because I am self conscious about my stomach and I would much rather hide it under layers of ruched material. They say every girl needs that little black dress, well... the same is true for a classy vintage inspired swimsuit! I just recently purchased the pink suit (for 1/2 the original price on ebay) because.... two is better than one and I highly doubt I will wear a bikini ever again. I cant wait to throw on a floppy hat and get out on the lake, river, or hopefully the beach.

Mermaids. Who cares if they aren't real. They are just beautiful.... here are some crafty things I have been inspired to create with mermaids. 2 book covers and a brooch.

And for those of us who have pretended to be mermaids at one time or another...Coolest. Job. Ever. I wish I would have known that I could've grow up to be one and get paid for it!

So whats your summer inspiration?

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