Thursday, August 22, 2013

Being Green

 Last Sunday evening was one of the best nights I have had in a long time! I feel so recharged and excited about life after talking [virtually] face-to-face with the other ladies at Mon Ami Createry! (...minus Sharon, but we did miss her so much.) Just hearing about the exciting and funny things that are going on with them was just awesome! We were in 3 different cities but it felt like my best friends were hanging out with me around my kitchen table. It felt just like the good old times when we'd gather around in the scrapbook store just talking about life and it was just what I needed.

Since then, I feel motivated to create stuff and work on the many unfinished projects I have laying around the house. But before I start on my unfinished stuff, of course, I decided to start something new. I've been into drawing lately, so I broke out my Prismacolor markers (they are alcohol based art markers, like Copics, used for blending and creating streak-free color) that I haven't used since my Interior Design days in college. To my surprise, they all still work after 4 years ...which also made me really happy because they were really expensive!

Anyway, On Pinterest I've had >>this<< Succulent wreath pinned for quite some time and I finally saw it again. I think it is so beautiful, and while the diy part of it doesn't seem so hard... I just had no motivation to get dressed and go on a scavenger hunt around my little rural town searching for succulents and all of the other supplies.  So I did the next best thing, I just decided to make it on paper.

 I don't think I am a good drawer or anything but I just feel the urge to draw things I feel are pretty. So I opened my sketch pad and doodled away. I was pretty happy with the way my pencil sketch turned out, so I outlined It with one of my Gel-based pens (*this was important so it wouldn't bleed with the markers) erased all my pencil marks and started coloring and blending... It was so much fun! 
I turned the finished piece into my blog greeting up there ^^^at the top.^^^

I had so much fun drawing and coloring, that I left everything out on my table in case I felt the urge to do something else....  nothing else has been created yet, but I think I might doodle up something else tonight.

Being green on paper was fun for sure, but it reminded me of the lack of green that I have around my home. I've had my eye on a pretty pant and tall slender pot at Lowes for a while, but the pot was $50+!! Me being the budget shopper that I am decided to wait a little bit... "Because everything goes on sale... and if it's still there when it is on sale, then it was meant to be!"...yep that's my motto and also my way of justifying purchases... don't judge me! I buy everything on sale and just my luck, the pot was on sale this time so I bought it and saved about $30!! *YAY!!!*

So I took my new plant home, potted it right away, and put it in its new home!

~I am so happy~

 While I was on pinterest, I also found this cute little saying. I decided to share it because I thought it was relevant to today's post... sort of.

This also reminds me of a conversation that I had with one of my guests that I was serving at work, (because I'm a waitress now and I love it...    ....that is probably sarcasm.) I was waiting on an older lady and her husband and for some reason older people feel the need to make sure that I am going to do something with my life. Anyway, they asked me if I was going to school... I explained my predicament about not really knowing what I want to do but knowing I want to do something/anything that allows for me to be creative and that I am leaning towards graphic design or just going for my Bachelors in Fine Arts along with a teaching certificate... because ever since I was in elementary school,  I wanted to be a Elementary school art teacher because I *loved* my teacher. (I will probably do a post all about her someday.) She exposed me to many different types of art, showed me how to create the things that I imagined and she encouraged me to do many things I never thought I could... and I want to do that for other children. Anyway, the woman informed me that she was not artistic at all, and although she tried, she didn't have it. I told her that infact she DID have artistic talent but she just had to find her thing... she then told me that she liked interior decorating, and we agreed that that was her thing.

I am so thankful for art and the need/urge to be creative...  without it, the earth would definitely just be "eh."

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