Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trash to Treasure Thursday

Its Spring Break here in Texas!! While the break from school is nice, I've spent my time off of school turning this old Craigslist find into something I really Treasure!

About 2 years ago, I scored this lovely garden patio set for $25! The only thing wrong with it was that the three chairs were all missing the seats. (yes, its a little rusty and yes, some of the paint is chipping and you can see other layers of paint... But i like that!) Right after we bought it, my H and I went to the hardware store and bought three 15" wood rounds that we would just have to screw on. Yet the chairs still sat seatless on our patio and storage unit for a while. After moving into our new home and seeing the seatless chairs everyday, I decided I needed to finally do something about it. Spring Break gave me the perfect opportunity to work on them! 

Spray paint has become my new best friend. Spray paint makes it super cheap and super easy to change the color of something.  (Rust-Oleum is by-far my favorite brand to use, trust me... some brands just suck.) Since I am in love with teal, I found this can of "Lagoon" color at Walmart for $3.60. I sprayed three coats on each wood round and sanded in between each coat.

Painting the seats was not enough to Revamp this set. I wanted to paint the flowers on the top part of the chair the same color as the seats to keep it cohesive, so I sprayed a couple spritzes of paint on a paper plate and used a paint brush to paint a few flowers on each chair. I also used my regular old acrylics and mixed up some colors that I liked for the other flowers and centers and leaves. I also went a put a clear sealant over the acrylic paint so it didn't scratch off of the metal.

 I painted both the front and the back flowers on the chair.

I am so pleased with the way that the chairs turned out! My garden patio set is finally complete! I can't wait for warmer days when I can sit outside under my porch, drinking some lemonade, reading a magazine and watch Rex run around. 

 ....When we moved into our new house the old owners left their patio set on the back porch. It has four chairs, and the table has an umbrella! The chairs have floral detailing on them, but they are an all-over a dark green color and the umbrella fabric is ugly. I'm thinking a summer project is going to be Revamping it by spray-painting the entire thing and recovering the umbrella in a much prettier and fun fabric! I can not wait to start, the ideas are flowing and I need to head over to Joann's to check out some of their Sunbrella fabric selections. 

Yay for spring, summer, and warmer weather! 

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