Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow

Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!!!!

Another week has gone by and boy it felt fast. I am prepping this week for my company that will be arriving on the first, Gramma and Elisha (little brother)! Let's just say, I am so excited, I usually get to see my gramma about once a year. She usually comes every spring when the weather is in perfect condition, not too hot and not too cold, and when she comes she generally bring one of my siblings (and I have a lot :) I love you all!!) Well my little brother Elisha gets to come this time and it has been almost 5 years since I last saw him, eek! Yup, I have been counting down the days and I hope it hurries.

Well, one thing I have always loved is gardening. My gramma grows a fantastic garden and my mom has the BIGGEST green thumb ever, she has a garden you would see in one of those magazines, Beautiful with amazing garden furniture, plus nothing beats that Northwest Washington soil. I, on the other hand live in an apartment in sunny S. California, so containers it is! Not my first choice, but something about flowers and your own veggies and herbs, that it will have to do. (and what I have come to find out, much more tedious!)

My sister in law, the boys, and I picked out some seeds and a little starter kit to get some stuff growing.

 The little greenhouse kit and seeds I actually picked up from target.
All the seeds were planted except for the sunflowers. (there wasn't enough room, so those will be done when I get more soil for my pots.)

 This greenhouse is super easy and REALLY fun for kids to do. You just water the pellets and they expand. 
Add your seeds, and a little more water, put the lid on, and find a nice spot in your home away from the sun. Viola! Now it is just waiting time. It also comes with a diagram of the kit so  you can note what you planted in each cell.

Do you have any special tricks or tips to gardening in pots/containers? I would love to hear them. Is there a "special" soil concoction you like to make up? Or, maybe a certain pot that drains the water just right? Let me know :)

Now let's watch the garden grow!

See you back next Wednesday,

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  1. Those sets are great!!! Water with warm water to mimick warm soil. and when stuff start growing, some items don't like to have all of that moisture (ie: cucumbers).

    Also, some items don't like to be watered "from above". they want the soil to be wet, but not to be watered on their leaves and stems.

    I look forward to trading stories about gardening this season!