Monday, March 4, 2013

Sea Glass by the Sea Shore...

Living here in Southern California, we tend to have it all: The Mountains, the desert, the forest and the beaches; all within a couple hours drive of each other. Surprisingly, one of my favorite times to go to the beach is not in the summer when it’s packed with tourists and screaming children, but in the winter time. Yes, you’ll have to bundle up, but that’s half the fun!

Another reason I love the beach in the winter is because the sand is firm, cool to walk on barefoot, and there tends to be lots of rocky patches. All of which are the exact perfect conditions for finding sea glass. What is sea glass you might ask? Well, it’s pebbles and stones of glass that has been broken up and smoothed down by the ocean.

It’s most common colors are green, clear, and brown. But on a lucky day you might even find a blue piece. When looking for it, it’s best to look for it in rocky or pebbly areas of the sand. The bigger the rocks, the bigger the pieces of sea glass tend to be, and vice-versa. Always check the tides before you head down to the beach because if the tide is too high, you won’t find any.

And it’s even fun to invite a friend because 2 pair of eyes are better than 1. Then you get friend time in, plus some sunshine and a little exercise along the way.

Once you find enough of it, it’s fun to display it in fun shaped jars and bottles. I put all my brown pieces in a clear glass coke bottle. And I arrange the green in clear ones together. Collecting sea glass is a relaxing, free hobby, that doesn't take up a lot of space and can actually be very pretty when displayed. Not to mention the bragging rights when you tell people, I found all that!!

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