Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Red Nose Day!

Hello, lovies!

I am writing from the UK as I am currently travelling on business.  Unfortunately, due to long travelling hours, and then long work hours - just as I finish my day in the UK, everyone from my office in California gets in and starts emailing... It is like having two work days in one! - I have not had time for any creations.  I have, however, been gathering plenty of inspiration for future posts that I am excited to share!

Here are my favorite British things so far:

1. Puff pastry - They use it as a base for both savory and sweet dishes, like open chicken pies and bread puddings.  So buttery, so flaky, so versatile!  English food is the perfect comfort food, especially on cold nights.  But side note - even English people don't like English food due to how unhealthy it can be.  The way I see it, it is perfect to help you put on that extra layer of fluff in order to stand the cold English wind!

2. Crunchie - A Crunchie is a candy bar put out by Cadbury that is basically just a bar of perfectly crisp honeycomb covered in their own delicious chocolate.  I do believe you can find Crunchies at stores like World Market that often sell British candies, so try one for yourself!

3. Red Nose Day - Not exactly a holiday, but a day of charity that is widely advertised and supported around the country.  I love that everyone seems to be united on this, and that the premise is so cheerful... comic relief!  I picked up my own Red Nose Day shirts at TK Maxx (a British TJ Maxx) to do my part.  A Marilyn Monroe with glasses and a red nose for me, and The Beatles all wearing glasses and red noses for my nephew. (

4. The word "lovely" - or "love," or "lovey," or any other sweet term of endearment that Americans would consider quite personal, but here in the UK are used casually with strangers as well.  I eat breakfast in the same place each morning, with the same 70-year-old woman serving me.  Every morning it is, "coffee today, lovey?" And, "you like the brown toast, don't ya love?"  Even the bus drivers can say, "have a nice day, sweetheart" without it sounding perverted at all.  Everyone here is just friendly!

5. Friendliness - Not just being nice, but being friendly.  There is definitely a difference!  Friendly is being kind to someone in the way that makes you feel like you two are friends who have known each other for years, as opposed to just being nice and polite with someone.  The British people here are all very friendly, and I feel like I am home.  It is refreshing, as this is definitely not something I feel with people in California.  I used to feel it when I would visit my grandparents in the midwest, and maybe it is still there, but even my last few jaunts to Oklahoma haven't felt as homey as the UK.

I have already scoped out several craft stores that I plan on visiting this weekend.  Stores in this quiet coastal town I am visiting close by 5 or earlier, so I haven't been able to catch one yet after work.  I will post my findings next week!

xo Allison

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