Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Life

Babies are just the cutest and most precious gifts ever. They are innocent and tiny and sweet.
While out with my mother in law this weekend we had to go to target and get some baby items to make a little diaper cake for a baby shower she was going to. Not only were we shopping for little baby stuff, but we were also doing something crafty so I decided that I am investing a lot of time to pick out stuff with my mother in law that I want to help make the cake, and she was more than willing to let me help :)

We bought two different sizes of diapers, and then went and found a bunch of random little baby items (socks, slippers, onesies, spoons, books, etc)

To start we rolled and tied(you can use double sided tape as well. I had to save the little of what I had to use on the "embellishments") a bunch of the bigger sized diapers together to create the base or bottom tier of the cake. Then, did the same for the smaller size except do slightly less to make the top tier of the cake, wrap ribbon around both to keep in a nice uniform circle.

Then take any of the other little baby things you have, roll if you can, and using double sided tape stick it all around the cake.
We used the wash clothes and created a piped frosting look around the center in between two tiers. The extra diapers we just put in a stack and tied with ribbon.
For the top of the cake we found this adorable bear and used the spoons as candles and also to hold the bear in place.

We couldn't have been happier with how it all turned out. Pefect!

Til next week :)

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