Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fresh and Fast

I am back with another recipe. :) If you are a pasta lover I think you will definitely want to try this one. It is super easy and can be made in all sorts of variousnesses (don't think that is a word but we are making it one now lol) Also, if you are a MOM(or really anyone) on the go, like me, it makes for a pretty healthy dinner and an EXCELLENT leftover lunch for work the next day. So just keep in mind to make way more than enough.

It is a Veggie Pasta!

What you will need:
Noodles of your choice - I used shells and elbow
3-4 Carrots Peeled
Zucchini Ribbons
1 can Olives
Asparagus- a bundle
Grape Tomatoes- a container
Sesame Seeds- to taste
Olive Oil & Vinaigrette Dressing - to taste

How to Make:
Cook noodles according to directions. While the noodle are cooking lightly steam carrots and asparagus ( I usually placed chopped carrots on the bottom of my steamer pan and then put asparagus on top of the carrots after have steamed a cpl min.) Be careful to not over steam you don't want mushy veggies, just enough to make them tender and bring out their sweetness.

In a big bowl combine cooked pasta, carrots, asparagus, drained olives, tomatoes, zucchini ribbons, (to make zucchini ribbons, simply take your veggie peeler and pretend you are peeling the zucchini, TA DAA zucchini ribbons and because it is so thin the warm pasta, carrots and asparagus "cook" the zucchini.) sesame seeds-sprinkle on like pepper, and lastly olive oil & vinaigrette dressing (you may have to add a touch more on your leftovers. The pasta will absorb a lot of the leftover liquid overnight)

Toss everything together in the bowl and enjoy.

 Look how beautiful and colorful it is. mmmmmm makes me wanna go and make this again right now!!!
 I just LOVE how it looks in this white bowl. Actually these are the BEST white bowls ever. I found them at the dollar store out of all places. I originally only purchased one, I needed a bowl for my lunch at work and we are conveniently located next to one, but when I brought it home it became the bowl that my husband and I would fight over. He thought it made his food look better and so did I. We now own two. :)

Hope you enjoyed my version of the "Veggie Pasta". Don't like something I put in??? No worries, like I said, this pasta has endless ways to make it, substitute something. You could even add extra items in like artichoke(ssssooooo delicious, but my kids don't like it), how about roasted peppers even. :)

Do you have a favorite veggie pasta recipe??? I would LOVE to try it. :)

Have a great day everyone,

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