Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hot Springs

Last weekend Jesse and I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas to celebrate the end of a college semester and, of course, our anniversary. Historic Downtown Hot Springs was such a charming lovely little place to be and we were lucky enough to stay in a Fancy-Smancy old hotel right in the heart of it all on Bath House Row (Thanks Groupon!). The glory days of Hot Springs hit its peak in the 1920s-1940s... and that spirit of a much simpler, yet glamorous time in history still lingers around and especially inside of our hotel.

Here are some pictures from our adventures:
just steps away from the front doors of our hotel, a view of the historic downtown area.
So many bathhouses, such little time! (we didn't have time to experience any spa treatments)
This was my favorite bathhouse.
 The doors in this area have so much character!! Can I take this home with me?
The side of our hotel where the sign was.
The Arlington Hotel was where we stayed for the weekend. Also, one of the coolest hotels I have ever stayed in.
There was a lot of originality and classic features in our hotel, including the elevator dials!
We stayed on the 6th floor in room 630. It was small, but back then people didn't require much space. Many original features were kept in the room, including glass knobs and marble floors.
Inside of the lobby was this fountain for the natural spring mineral water.
Al Capone would rent out the entire 4th floor when he stayed at the hotel, they now have a suite dedicated to him and somewhere in the hotel there is a secret tunnel that leads over to the bar/casino on the other side of the street, as well as the underground bowling alley (We learned about this when we went through the Gangster Museum)
The left and right sides of the hotel lobby had alcoves with bright and colorful matching murals painted in them. One side was the bar area, the other side was a stage where the band would play all night! The music filled the hallways, each night was a party!
The hotel was dripping in antiques and character, even the bathroom donned little treasures and lots of detail.... I want this marble honeycomb tile!!
So, there was a sitting room in the bathroom... decorative sconces, mirrors, molding and arches. The low lighting everywhere made things seems a little more sexier too!
Allison, i know this picture doesn't do this wallpaper justice but it was EVOO!! The entire women's restroom was EVOO wallpaper!!! It was just fabulous and bold and vintage and lovely.... then adding this strange texture really gave it a luxurious feel!
 These cupcakes were delish! (and these ladies will be on Cupcake Wars on June 16th!... making this the second Cupcake Wars cupcake shop I have eaten at.)
....and we may or may not have robbed a bank while we were there.

To top the trip off, everyone we met in Hot Springs was so SO nice. Strangers talked to us like friends telling us the best places to eat, the fun things to do... and even about crafting!

We will definitely be back coming back to Hot Springs again!

Have you been to Hot Springs or another fun little getaway? Tell me about it!

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