Friday, May 17, 2013

Just wine-ing

I have recently taken up a new hobby of serious wine tasting.  To be honest, it started as a bad habit of downing a bottle of wine a night after work... hey, I would split it with my boyfriend at least!  But it quickly became a fun event that we both looked forward to as we started drinking a different brand each time to compare and choose our favorites.  In order to remember which wines we loved and which we want to avoid ever purchasing again, we have started a wine journal!

I built the journal accordion-style, putting pockets on each page.  This way, we can write or type the information on cards, and sort the cards by wine type. 

So far, our favorites are all pink!  Yup, I taught the manly man to enjoy a nice, cold glass of white zinfandel, just like my grandmother taught me.

Bonus: journaling is a terrific justification to feed your vices ;)

xo Allison

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