Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Gimme Some Lentils, Please!!!

Well after all that hot weather we had, soup was far from my mind, but now that it has cooled down some I decided it was time use up some of the lentil mix sitting in my fridge. So, I first "googled" and searched images of lentil soups, when I found a picture I thought looked appetizing I then looked to see how complicated the recipe was. (I wasn't feeling fancy, so I didn't want anything too complicated lol) I finally landed upon not only a delicious looking picture but an interesting twist that none of the other recipes said to do, BLEND! That was it, I was in. So the mission began...Actually Make Lentil Soup.

For the original recipe "Hearty Vegetarian Lentil Soup" from Simply Scratch's Blog click HERE.

I did make it my own and used this recipe only as a guide, I also made a double batch and omitted the tomatoes.

Check it out:
 Here are pretty much all the ingredients I used. NOTE: for the vegetable broth I use Better than Bouillon vegetable base, IT is simply the best! They make vegetable, chicken, and beef base.
Dice those bad boys up.
Heat up some olive oil and add veggies and let them "sweat"
While veggies are sweating rinse lentils.
I like to mix all my seasonings together in a bowl first and then toss them into my cooking. I changed up some of the seasonings adding ginger, curry, and garlic powder (I didn't have any fresh ginger )
I cooked it as directed and then I made up some extra lentils to blend and add into the full soup. 

We bought some french bread for dipping and a couple sprigs of rosemary from the garden for garnish! It turned out soooo good and both kids eat it too :)

Til Next week

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