Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Growing Family

 No guys, I am NOT pregnant..... But Jesse and I do have a new little fur-baby! Meet Winston, our 6 week old German Shepherd!
(those eyes make my heart melt!) past week has been a long, loooonnnnnggg week. I have never had a puppy before, so this has been a huge learning experience. I can imagine this would be what having a baby would be like, only harder because this baby is already into everything, has four legs, and he can't wear diapers. I have to keep my eyes on this little guy 24/7 because he isn't house trained and is teething. Paper towels and Lysol have become my best friend. I barely sleep at night, having to wake up a couple of times to sooth him or let him out to do his business....  We have figured out a little routine and with this nice weather, have been able to make lots of time to play outside! ( again this is Texas so its been really nice in the 70's and 80's EXCEPT for today, which is just nasty in the low 50's with 30+mph winds and rainy with a freeze warning, so nice!) surprisingly, Rex (our English Bulldog) has taken Winston under his wing paw. They chase each other, play tug-of-war, sniff things and wrestle. Rex just loves to play so I know he is really happy that he has Winston, although Winston loves to bite Rex's wrinkles and jump on him when he is sleeping. Rex just takes his big paw and puts in on Winston's head and that stops everything. Its so cute! Rex has also been such a good example to Winston on what to do and what not to do. Winston went on his first walk on the leash the other day. At first he just sat there not really understanding the concept then Rex went back to help and with some encouragement Winston followed Rex around the neighborhood until Rex got tired and Winston lead the way. I love my little family.

Sometimes, I having to dig deep to find my patience as I clean up a puppy mess (like when I just cleaned up a mess while typing this!), when I wake up in the middle of the night, and even when he tries to tear a sweater off of my arm.... but I know its just a phase. I can't wait for him to learn commands and to see more of his little personality!



  1. Winston's adorable :-) Looks like the dandelion won!

    Welcome to the world of no sleep... I also have a new puppy, a papillon named Tesla. She is 15 weeks old and has more energy than all of us combined. I understand the potty training blues very well... two words: Nature's Miracle! Buy stock in the company, then get lots :-D . Luckily, Tes is now crate-trained, and can sleep 6-7 hours at night, so no more mid-night potty sessions. But she still needs lots of supervision. Luckily, Hutch is a great big brother and plays with her. Alva just wants her to go away...
    Hugs to all of you!

    1. Dayle! Tesla sounds adorable! And thank you for introducing me to Nature's Miracle, you have saved so much upholstery!!! luckily our new place has no carpet so cleanup is much easier! :) I'm crate training little Winnie now and can get about 3-4 hours at a time, if i'm lucky. Glad your and your fur-fam are doing well! Great to hear from you!
      Hugs from Texas!! -Ashley

  2. congrats on your baby! the video of him with the flower is the cutest thing ever.

    1. Thank you! that video makes me smile every time i watch it. Glad you can enjoy it too :) -Ashley