Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The End Tables

I have been MIA as I have been finishing up the  last couple weeks of work. We closed our doors on Memorial Day and then spent a week of cleaning up and cleaning out. Boy oh boy. Only two melt downs AND when we locked up for the last time yesterday I actually didn't even cry, had the biggest lump in my throat but no tears :) !!!! I am excited for the new adventures ahead and what is in store for all of us.

Well enough of that it is my time to get caught up and catch up everyone else on what's been happening in my life.

I finally finished my end tables and am so in LOVE with them. I am on the fence about sanding down the tops so I will need every ones input on what they think.

You remember this is what the tops looked like and the base was the same color except smooth.

This is what they turned out like:

I ended up deciding on papering the base instead of spray painting it. I just felt that they needed something more. So I knew World Market sold large sheets of really nice patterned wrapping paper and they fit perfectly on the bottom. With a little spray adhesive and a huge sticky mess later I had finished and was so thrilled with how they turned out.

So what do you guys think??? Sand the teal tops to give more a vintage worn look or keep it more on the polished sleek look???

Til next week,


  1. Great job! I cannot imagine what it was like to pack up the store! An unbelievable task! You'll be back, right? Miss your smiling face!

  2. Great table, Danni! I like it polished, given the brightness and colors of the wrapping paper (which was brilliant!). I think sanding it would distract from the overall look... (I know, distress queen... it ain't finished until you distress it! it's sooo hard for you) :-) -dayle