Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Graphic 45 French Country Canvas

Happy Tuesday!

Recently,  my mom redid her kitchen...yeah, I disliked not being able to help her with all the 'fun' stuff.  I love painting, re-doing things, picking out new decor items, but with her in Wisconsin and me in California, it just didn't work out.  So, I did what I could and I made her some things!

Here is a canvas from the Graphic 45 French Country paper line, which I absolutely adore! (I think she will, too)  It has some of her colors in it and she has some big, tall walls to fill. 

I really love 'fussy cutting' - I think one's first taste of this time consuming, OCD task comes from your childhood, if you were a paper doll fan.  Let's face it - who ever thought those up was really looking to keep a kid busy and quiet for quite some time...and get them well on their way to perfectionism at a young age.  (Not that I've thought about it...)   (I did love cutting those paper dolls and each book/set had it's own shoebox.  Yep, problems.  But I did learn to 'fussy cut!!)

I love layering the paper pieces, distressing them, edging the canvas with matching trim, etc.  I brought out some of the colors with Spica pens, which I love using for a little extra pop of color.  Some are layered twice and some three times.

 Excited to get this out to my mom and see if she likes it as much as I hope she does.

Thanks for letting me share my creation with you - thanks so much, Friends!



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