Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Birthday Stache'

My oldest son had his 8th birthday party this past friday, I was so nervous about it as it was the first time we ever did a friend birthday, but it turned out GREAT! We had something low key and easy. I  decided to have it at a local park by our house that was nice and spacious and I didnt have to do any clean up at my house.

I ended up finding these cute little mustache and glasses "masks" for the kids to wear, and surprisingly the boys loved it. We did easy snacks and drinks and had a cupcake cake. Unfortunately he only got to blow out two candles because the windy was just to windy. (imagine that)

I do have to say  I am excited for next year and maybe even plan a themed birthday party for him. Or on second thought I will probably slow things down a bit and worry about my youngest sons birthday instead, cant forget about him!


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