Friday, June 21, 2013

A Copycat Craft

How many times have you seen something in a store and said "I could make that?"  But beyond that, how many times have you ACTUALLY made it?

That is the hard part, actually creating all of these projects that we dream up!  Well I saw this picture at Hobby Lobby and loved it.  When I got closer, however, I realized that the collage was actually just a picture of a collage, and I was disappointed.  What is the fun in working with paper if you don't get to enjoy the variation in the papers' texture?

So, I picked up a 30x30 canvas and started my own collage.  It took forever to sit there and cut all those pieces, so I will probably never do it again.  But, it was a great way to use up scraps, and I do love the effect of the giant flower hanging on my wall!  I only wish I had a better picture of it... this was a test of me getting used to my new iPhone :)

xo Allison


  1. Wow! That had to take some time! Did you use various sizes of paper punches to get the variation? Love the look!

    1. Thank you! It did take time, and about 1/3 of the way through I talked to Danni about it... she said, are you using punches? And I thought, DUH why didn't I think of that! But I had already started cutting by hand. I think if I had a more uniform color palette, i.e. a pink flower with light pink in the center and fading to dark pink on the outside, then the uniformity of the punches would be a must (plus a time saver). But with my hodgepodge of papers, I am happy with the hand-cut look in the end :)

  2. LOVE IT!!! I do that ALLLLL of the time!! I can't tell you the number of pictures I have taken of items that I *COMPLETEL* plan to recreate on my own.... {sigh}

  3. Oh I love how that turned out!!! it looks amazing!