Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day Hike

Welcome back everyone and Happy Wednesday! I wanted to give you guys a garden update...We harvested our first two cucumbers today and they were sooooooo delicious. Look at that one it is HUGE and so straight, like a grocery store :) I also harvested the last of my lettuce and will have to do a do over on most of it.Those dang green caterpillars destroyed pretty much all of it!!! But we were still able to get a salad from it and had a little to share!

 I hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day! I know we did here. We went on a family hike up Cowles Mountain and one of my favorite views in SD! Normally when we go we will take the main entrance, but being the adventure-some sort we took one of the back ways...well really it is just less crowded and peaceful)

 Both the boys are out of school now and we are ready to start our summer vacation. How about you guys?

See you all next Wed.

PS- I am on the Sweet Stamp Shop's Design Team (YAY!) and there is a NEW release out today. I wonder if you can spot any of my creations???


  1. love the pics!!! and SUCH amazing cucumbers!! )

  2. I want more posts from you about growing vegetables on a patio... are you still doing it on the patio? I need some apartment-living inspiration and doing a patio garden would be awesome :)