Thursday, June 6, 2013

Go Bold or Go Home... Or Both

My front door has bothered me ever since we moved in. For 6 months I have entered through the same ugly door saying, "I really hate this door" or " I REALLY hate this door". Eventually I would like to just get a new door but for now I decided to go with an easy fix.... paint.

I had the hardest time deciding on a paint color. It was between Valspar's 'Everglade Deck' which is a dark tealish blue (the same color I painted on my nightstands) or a warm plum color, 'Gypsy Rouge'... Everglade is one of my favorite colors, but I decided to go out of my comfort zone after seeing a few posts on Pinterest and Houzz... here were my inspiration pictures.

So I went for it... I decided to go bold with the paint and just do it.  (As you can see in the before picture, the many reasons why I hated the door so much!!! Yuck!) It only took about 2 hours from  pre-painters tape to dry!

The picture below is probably closer to the actual color of the door, it seems darker from father away and gets brighter the closer you get. I'm not so sure that I love the color yet, but it is a huge improvement from the scary looking thing that it was before. It definitely feels more inviting already.

I have been working so hard the past three weeks (in between thunder storms and tornado warnings) working in my front yard, digging and pulling up deep invasive weeds and cleaning up the flower beds.... I have never had so many blisters on my hands yet it feels good to work hard to make it look nice again. The paint on the door seemed to be the cherry on top.
I still plan on sprucing up the doorway with some plants in pretty pots on either side and replacing our worn out door mat.  

Have you painted your front door OR if you were to paint your door what color would it be?
I came across this interesting site which analyzes what the color of your front door says about you. (check it out HERE) Would you agree with what it says?  This is what is lists for Purple: "Not the most chosen front door color, purple can signify royalty or wealth. Purple is also a very spiritual color, which can show that you are a very unique and open-minded person -- a person who thinks outside the box!" In my case, I would say that the last part sounds about right!


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  1. Love your new purple door :-D Turning into a purple person?!? Wish I could do that... but our doors are a very pretty wood grain that I don't want to paint. Need to find something else to "purple up" besides my craft room -dayle