Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Timeless Fleece Tied Blanket

My kids say nothing keeps them warmer than their fleece tied blankets my sister gave them for Christmas one year.  They are for sure their favorite blankets to relax and snuggle up in.  My daughter, Beth, is attending college in Seattle, Washington, and living in her sorority's house. She has been complaining how cold her room is, so I got on line and ordered her school's fleece to make her a blanket for school.  The instructions are easily found through Google and the blankets are fast, fun and easy to make.  I will briefly give you the steps, but for more thorough instructions go to eHow.com.

  After cutting off the salveges of your fleece pieces (rough and information printed ends along the sides) and evening off the tops and bottoms, place your two pieces of fleece on top of each other, right sides out.  Cut a 4 inch x 4 inch square out of the corners of your fabrics. I started at the top  and cut through both of the pieces of fabric at the same time, making sure the ends meet up with each other. 

Next you need to cut your fringe for tying at every 1 inch.  I placed a ruler to help guide me for the length.  Again, cut through both the front and the back of your fabric. When you have that end of the blanket fringe completely cut this is what it will look like.  The two corners cut out and strips 1 inch apart.  You are now ready to tie!  I first go through and double knot every other set of ties. Tight knots are best. Then I go back and tie the rest.  If things are looking a bit tight and bunched up, just grab the ends of the blanket and stretch it out. Fleece does have some stretch to it and just needs a little pull to help it lie flat.

When you have finished tying that end go on to the opposite end. Cut out the corners, cut your fringe/ties and begin double knotting!  Next you will cut your fringe on each side (one length at a time) and double knot.  Your corners have already been cut out.  This type of blanket with this fabric is very forgiving. Do not worry if you have cut lines that are off - nobody will ever know!

Before you know it your blanket will be finished and you are ready to give the gift of warmth to someone you love!
Make a tie blanket for someone - they will love it!
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