Wednesday, February 27, 2013

For the Love of Color

I love rainbows. I Love colorful things. And, most importantly I Love to organize in rainbow order, you know, ROY G BIV?!?! Ya that order. It not only makes me happy to look at it also makes it super easy to find what I am looking for. So, of course it also makes sense to organize my craft supplies that way too, right? I think so!

Last week I was over at a friends house crafting it up, and needed some glitter. She told me, "oh, it's over in that drawer right there, the clear containers" and I instantly spotted them, Bright, Bold, and in color order! I was instantly in LOVE and had to find out about this neat little set up. It was so perfect in every way...Compact and completely clear AND beautiful to look at. That was when I began my mission, to go and buy those containers and make a rainbow on my shelf.

So, tonight I went to Micheal's and bought the containers, two to be exact. I thought for sure that would be enough for my glitter stash. Boy was I wrong. I don't think I even got half of it done. So, I will def. have to go back and get more. I found the containers right where my friend said they would be, in the bead/jewelry section. I think that they were $7.99 a piece.
I love how nice and snug they are in the container, no "sloshing" around.

So I had a pretty big mess and didn't really know where to start in my box. It was just all thrown in the shoebox and is such a hassell to dig thru. So I cannot wait to have these so handy.

I pretty much decided to leave Martha (Stewart) set alone and worry about that when I had more jars. It was already pretty easy to find colors to use in the set, but the rest of the box, not so much. I knew for sure I wanted to start with all the big jars. That way I could either toss them out if I ended up finishing it off or I would be able to put what was remaining in the jars away, away til I needed to refill. I also knew I wanted to empty out all the non-jar containers that I had in the box. And then pretty much I picked stuff to make a rainbow with. And, I couldn't be more happy with the end result. It is everything I was hoping for. Beautiful, Bold, and in Rainbow order. :)

 Look at all that texture. You can see everything with out digging!
 Even looking at the sides it's great!!!!!
 All around a great purchase and worth every penny!!!!! Now go get your rainbow on :)

Happy Hump Day (and a BIG Happy Birthday to my BESTest Husband EVER!!!!) See ya back next Wednesday. :)

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