Thursday, February 21, 2013

Paper Affair

After working in a scrapbook store for two and a half years, I know first hand that it is possible to fall in love with a piece of paper. I find myself more attracted to vintage prints but anything pretty catches my eye. Some pieces are so pretty that I find it really hard to cut it up and use it in a craft project. I also find it hard to use my double sided paper, when the other side is so darn cute AND its my last sheet! I admit, I might have a mild -okay, more than just mild- paper addiction but I like to tell myself it is better than being addicted to something worse or illegal.... then I always feel much better about my paper affair.

A few years ago, my paper addiction led me to The Paper Source in Encinitas, CA. Its such a lovely boutique and they sell large sheets of decorative and specialty papers from all over the world.
I found this vintage-looking map, which is 20x28. Cf course, I had to have it!! I had no idea what i wanted to do with it at the time, I just thought it was so pretty. (If you don't live near a Paper Source location, you can find it here for only $3.95!)

The paper sat rolled up in a corner for a couple of weeks while I thought about what I should do with... Then I had an idea!!!! I wanted to display it!
  I took an old canvas and pulled it apart so i would just have the frame. Then I stretched the paper around the wooden frame and attached the edges with glue.
Since I wanted to hang it in the kitchen, I decided to Mod Podge (MP) all over the front to protect it from splatters and warping.

Once the MP went on the top, it did warp since the paper became wet.... but after it dried it tightened up again and had a nice protective sheen to it. 
When it hung in my last place, it got lots of compliments. I don't think people realized just how easy  it was to make this custom art piece! Since I already had all of my supplies, this project was virtually priceless... now aren't those just the best kind of crafts??? Yep! 

Just think about all of the possibilities, the sizes of canvas and all the pretty paper that can be stretched over it. But why stop there? You could take it even farther and embellish with glitter, rhinestones, Glimmer Mist, stamping, custom lettering, or you could even collage more of your favorite patterned paper.

Whether it is for your home or a gift at a baby shower, wedding, birthday, or house warming party, this is a super easy project that looks way more expensive then it actually is. Under 10 minutes and 10 dollars...

On another note....
  For Valentine's Day, I decided to try the recipe that Danni mentioned last Wednesday. (here!) In all honesty this was the first time I have EVER eaten beets, let alone cook with it, and then make a cake with it!!! ... It was a night of a lot of firsts! Making the frosting was my favorite part. I loved that the color was ALL NATURAL and so vibrant. I will definitely be using beets to create pink frosting from now on! The recipe doesn't call for raspberries but they complimented the cake very well, both in color and taste!  
 Needless to say, I thought it turned out fantastic! Vday was actually my parent's 20th anniversary, so I made the cake for their celebration... but the cupcakes were for my love! It was a huge hit with everyone, even my picky little brothers! I highly recommend this recipe! (Thanks for the inspiration Danni!)

peace, love, and happy crafting,

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  1. So making one!!! I have canvases waiting to be redone and purposed :) And man oh man you had me cracking up!!! Loved your post