Wednesday, February 13, 2013

MMMmmmmm Delicious

One thing I love to do is collect recipes, especially dessert ones. Pretty much any dessert recipe I come across I keep. I collect recipes in all forms and from all different sources, recipe books, magazines, the newpaper, from my coupons I get from the grocery, from friends and family, the internet, cans of food, cereal boxes, you name it I have probably clipped it, torn it, and stashed it. But, don't worry I am not just a collector of recipes I do LOVE to cook/bake them too.
Here is just a few of my collected recipes and books... they are great for inspiration too to make up your own recipes :)

So, with all that said I recently came across a recipe in the back of my Ralph's coupons for  Chocolate Beet Cake with Beet Cream Cheese Frosting from Joy The Baker. 

Now mind you, I have not made this yet and at first read you might turn your nose to this because it mixes vegetables in with sweets and that is not a typical pairing, but think of it like carrot cake AND once you see the pictures I think that you will have a hard time resisting this beauty like me.  It is perfectly festive for Valentine's Day too!

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