Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Camera

I have been begging my husband for a nice camera for as long as I can remember. I take a gazillion-trillion photos with my iPhone and I wanted something with better quality and more functions because well... I just love taking pictures of things that I find beautiful.

Two weeks ago my wish came true! My wonderful husband traded a few of his things to get me a REALLY nice Nikon DSLR...

Best. Gift. Ever.

Now, I'm not a professional and this camera has a lot of bells and whistles that I am not familiar with, so I am still playing around with it, trying to understand the owners manual to figure things out.

I got to test this baby out yesterday while visiting with my parents... Shout out to them for being so cute! Here are some yesterday's shots...

As you can see, I really like plants and sunsets. I think the most beautiful time of day is right before and during a sunset and it is my favorite time to take pictures.Early mornings and sunrises are really pretty too, but I usually am never awake to enjoy them. Everyday I try to watch the sun set and even will drive to certain spots where I know nothing will block my view. Sunsets completely relax me and calms my mind, my only thoughts are of admiring the beauty of the sun setting as the clouds reflect shades of yellow, orange and pink contrasted with purples and blues... I actually cannot think of very many things that are as beautiful as a sunset, so I'm sure you will see plenty more sunset photos from me. :)

I will now end this post with the wrinkly face of my sweet pup...

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  1. OMG...LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Your pics look great for a beginner (with the new camera, that is) :)