Thursday, August 8, 2013


Here recently I've noticed a slight drop on my inspiration meter.

I first noticed the drop a while back when I had to quit my super wonderful and fun job at the scrapbook store... Then again when I moved to Texas and my small local scrapbook store closed. I really think being surrounded by crafty people [coworkers and customers] and the 'goodies' [supplies and paper] really helps boost inspiration... Being able to soak up others excitement about a new project, product or technique seemed to send my inspiration meter overboard! 

Now my inspiration meter spikes sometimes like when I read a post on the blog (thanks girls!!) or when I'm looking at Pinterest or venture to the big city to go to a craft store or a home decor place, but nothing quite compares to being surrounded by creative friends, inspiring and bouncing ideas off each other. (But I must add that seeing friends projects virtually does help!!)

...what got me to this point is the fact that I am organizing my craft room and looking at all of my supplies to try to remind myself of the inspiration I once felt... Then I thought about my friends.

Creative friends are the BEST friends to have and I miss mine dearly! (You know who you are.) 

Now to go organize... Not so fun, but the reward will be great!

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