Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sweet Summer Salad

When its 100+ degrees outside, my body craves salads. My usual is a Grilled Chicken & Ranch Salad, because my husband has mad grill skills and its basically a complete meal.... right?  Anyway, I have recently (like yesterday) rediscovered my love of a sweeter salad.... The Poppy Seed & Mandarin Salad.

I first tasted this amazing salad in 2009, when I attended the wedding reception of one of my friend's friends. I didn't know anyone but the friend that I went with, so I spent most of my time hovering over the buffet area like a vulture. This salad was filled with goodness, like a sweet and sour explosion in my mouth. I probably went back for it at least 3x because of the sweet cranberries, juicy mandarins, tangy poppy seed dressing, crunchy cashews, and refreshing lettuce. That was for sure the highlight of my evening and I promised myself that I would try to recreate it at home... I never did.

I was on Facebook the other day and someone shared the exact recipe that I had had at the wedding and I was so excited to have remembered it again! That is why I'm sharing it with you! I actually just finished eating this salad and it was just as good as I had remembered and It was perfect way to end my long, hot day! The picture above is actually a picture of my salad as I was half way through because I forgot to take a pretty pic for the blog when I had first made it, I was just so darn excited to just eat it again. Mmm-Mm-Mmmm!

If you would like the recipe, I found it >>>HERE!<<< I hope you are tempted to try it and enjoy! 


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