Monday, July 15, 2013

Halloween Witch

I know, I know… its only July. But hey! All the stores are starting to put out their fall décor. And besides… this was an AMAZING deal and a great crafty project. I was shopping again at Good Will (I really need to stop going there) and there she was… this little Halloween witch waiting to be taken home and revamped and improved upon. And she was only $2.99!!

She wasn’t bad to start; all she needed was a little TLC. After all, the charm is in the detail. All this project required was some pretty ribbon and a little bling. I pretty much already had everything, so it was a great way to use some of my stuff up. The thing that took the longest, was sewing on the trimming around the edge of her dress. But I wanted it to last, and taking the time to sew things on lasts so much longer than using adhesive. I also added black thread around the broom stick, which made a huge difference.

I gave her a belt using a broken clasp from a vintage necklace. And found a great jewel talisman for her to hold. Lastly, I added some bling to her hat. The jewel was actually a broken ring. I took a sharpie marker and colored in the jewel black and it was perfect! Then I used my sharpie and colored in some Maya Road pearl stick pins. Then adhered them to her hat and that’s it!

She is going to be perfect this fall. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled to see if I can’t find a little cauldron to sit next to her. I find that the fall is so busy as it is, so sometimes you just have to do your holiday projects at different times throughout the year.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week. On a side note, I start my new big girl job today!! I’m going to be working at the corporate office of Guild Mortgage. It’s a great company and I’m very excited to be given the opportunity. Ill let you know next week how it goes.


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