Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pick Me Ups

Hey guys,

Happy Wednesday :) Boy time sure does fly by but I am back with a little pick me up. You know that little something that just helps you get thru the last part of your day, or that little something that curbs your craving??? Well, I decided to make up whole batch of frozen chocolate dipped banana chunks.

It has been so hot here lately that it was also a way to have a cool and refreshing treat. I have such a big sweet tooth but sometimes I really only want a little nibble of something just to give my craving a break from, well, craving lol. Do you ever get that??? They are super easy to make and you might have even done it before. BUT, what I love to use is the Ghirardelli Cacao Chips. Not only is it amazingly delicious but it is also a little "healthier" for you than regular chocolate, and not that we are trying to be healthy about our treats, that's kinda taking the fun away! Want to know all about cacao vs cocoa, check it out HERE on Recipe Rehab. They have a great post on the difference of chocolate.
Frozen Chocolate Dipped Banana Chunks      
(it's been so warm my treats started sweating like crazy)

1 Bag of Ghirardelli Cacao Chips 

1 Bunch of Bananas

Using a cookie sheet cover with wax paper.
Slice desired amount of bananas into chunks. In a small bowl melt chocolate according to directions on the back of the package. (HINT: it is easier to melt small portions at a time and work in batches so the chocolate doesn't harden and become difficult to work with) Using tooth picks, stick a banana and then dip in chocolate. Place on cookie sheet. Repeat until you have achieved your desired amount. Place in freezer until slightly frozen. You can then take it out of the freezer and pop them into zip lock freezer bags for enjoyment whenever you feel like it.

They are the perfect treats for after dinner, especially if you have children. Plus there is no guilt in these treats since it is fruit and "healthy" chocolate, right?!?!!? :)

Well have a wonderful Wednesday and will see you all back next week!


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